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Our offerings now include integrative medicine consultations with a GP, IV vitamin infusions (Vitamin C, Myers, Glutathione) and functional testing. We also now stock a range of top quality supplements.

Don’t forget we offer Cardiaction with Deanne as well. Cardiaction is a special Blood Pressure machine that can tell us about your central BP and arterial health. It's a proactive non invasive way to check and monitor your heart and artery health. Inflammation in your arteries can cause high blood pressure and affect not only the heart but other organs in your body (brain, kidney, etc).This inflammation is due to imbalances caused by lifestyle choices and your unique genetic makeup.

Cardiaction takes 30-45mins to do. We discuss your results and lifestyle recommendations for optimal artery and heart health.


We are also fortunate enough to be able to offer Counselling and the following therapies with Cheryl:

NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and Havening.

If interested at all please call to discuss further. These services are open both to our enrolled patients and those not enrolled with us. Check fees here.

We are still unable to enrol any new patients sorry.

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